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Clearwish Tells Their Story

January 14, 2009 by Clayton Stobbs, Startup Weekend

Below is a guest post from Brian Zuercher, the current CEO of Clearwish, Inc.  Clearwish came out of Startup Weekend Columbus and so far have a great story to tell.  Thanks Brian!

I was wishing for the opportunity to find some passionate business partners and start an exciting business, and that wish was granted last July.  I showed up to Startup Weekend Columbus hoping to have a good time, with little expectation more than meeting a few cool people and seeing some cool ideas.  It only took about 10 minutes for that to change.

I gave the 1-minute pitch to the concept of building a universal wish list functionality, a site and tool that would allow users to easily collect and share their wishes.  Over the weekend Brad Griffith and Steve Krause joined the team, we formed Clearwish, and have been pounding away at building the business and developing the product.  Since August we have taken Clearwish from a concept to a valuable tool for web users.  Today Clearwish users can add items to their lists via a browser plug-in that enables them to capture a product picture, description and price with one click.  Lists can be shared via email and in the very near future via Facebook and Myspace.

We are excited to report that we are MAKING MONEY!  Some of our early users found out how valuable it could be to share their list with friends and family. Over the holidays many of those wishes were granted to them!  Currently we are in discussions with several retail partners to become the wish list functionality for the various sites.  Don’t miss our current “Grant a Wish” giveaway, where if you register, start a wish list and share it with friends you can be eligible to have your wish granted by the Clearwish team.

You can usually pinpoint several moments or situations over your life that have a serious impact on the direction you take.  Startup Weekend was a life changer for me.  The weekend gave me the venue to get out a concept I had been working on for a long time (I am not a developer so I require technical help), meet some really great people and develop a potentially valuable business.  Startup Weekend also acted as a catalyst to awake the sleeping tech community here in Columbus.  In that time the Columbus Techlife group from about 100 people to over 600, and we continue to grow and host events.  The power of convening can be very underrated.  We have found that starting a company is much like raising a child; it takes a village.  Thanks for everyone’s support and help!

To get in touch, contact brian [at] clearwish [dot] com